This Thin Wire

I completed the post below a few days ago, but I didn’t have the heart then to hit “publish,” just as I haven’t had quite the heart nor the right mindset to publish anything else for the past few weeks. Reading it over again on this Friday night, it surprisingly still seems about right so I’ll go ahead and make the post this time.

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Jessica Meets Julia Child: French Crepes

I’ll begin with two disclaimers:

  1. I did not indeed meet the great and good Julia Child.
  2. This piece does not explicitly discuss anxiety, since I feel OK today. The ending does tie in my cooking adventure today with my thoughts on anxiety, if that may be of more interest.

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Define Village?

What is a village?

In my mind, the word “village” evokes a small, charming community with freshly painted houses, farmer’s markets with only the freshest produce, and the chime of bicycle bells that mix with the sound of children’s chatter as villagers pedal past the local school. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “village” as “a place where people live that is usually smaller than a town”, and incorporates “the residents of a village” as part of its definition. Indeed, the concept of senior villages includes a small collective of residents living in close proximity who form a supportive, lively community. Through a 2016 research study conducted by the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services and the Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging, some light has been shed on the services offered by villages and the trend of their progress.  Continue reading

The Money Trail– It’s Digital, Not Paper

Data analysis is the latest word on the block. It seems to be used for every function performed by individuals, schools, non-profits, governments, and just about any other organization. However, in a world of unlimited wants restrained by limited resources, it is critical for us data-driven tech addicts to determine which events we truly want to focus our energy on– so what is one specific data analysis issue that would be worthy of our apparently very limited time and energy (pass me another Red Bull, please)? Continue reading